Bitter Pills, Prescribed by Betsy Dye

My good friend Betsy is a self-proclaimed (and okay with it) single gal for life. She doesn't want to be in a serious relationship and the idea of marriage makes her skin crawl (unless it's a faux marriage to her best friend Eliz orchestrated in hopes of scoring $10K from her parents). She's awfully cute, has a fantastic sense of humor and is painfully talented, so obviously some doucherods occasionally flock to her. And being human, she gets hurt from time to time. Her spirited response to these situations get posted to her Tumbler in the form of some very clever insult hearts.

Turning heartache into art = the way to go. Hellcats "side-five" to you, little lady! [Since the large majority of you probably don't watch terrible CW television like Betsy and I do, watch the very end of the below video to see what I'm talking about].