Mia Pearlman Rocks It

One of my favorite visual artists, Mia Pearlman (I wrote a blog about her work here) recently embarked on a new project in the music realm. Her artwork is the main attraction for rock band Thursday's new double album, "No Devolución," which is set to be released on 4.12.11. Back in the day, I was a huge Thursday fan - of course, I also had fuchsia hair and wore glitter on my eyelids. I have no idea what their current music sounds like Okay, wow, I just went to their MySpace page and found out what their current music sounds like and it's pretty rough...but maybe my taste in music has just evolved quite a bit! Regardless, 19 year old me is crapping my pants right now - what a random and beautiful collaboration.

Mia also designed a limited edition laser-cut CD sleeve for Thursday. I'm in love! There were only 500 of these made (available here).

All images via Mia Pearlman. Check out her (lovely) website and many incredible projects here.