Watering Station

I've had this golden pothos hanging plant for about eight years, and it's never been happier than lately. When we moved into the new place, it marked the first time the plant had really gotten direct sunlight, so the vines have been creeping at a ridiculous pace. We've been training the main vine to frame our bookshelf, and it's actually at the end now, so now I guess I'll attempt to nail it up around the whole room! The first photo is what it looked like back in November...

Since then, we have noticed these long nubby things that look like roots growing downward about every two inches along the vine. We recently realized that these may be growing because there is only one water source for that entire HUGE plant, so we decided to make some of these little roots a watering station!

I just took a mason jar and wrapped wire under the lip a few times, while making sure to secure a 'handle' with the wire as well. Super simple! And cute. We'll see if it starts drinking water from there - if so, we're going to make a few more watering stations for it. We really spoil our houseplants, huh?