Bermuda: St. George's

Being in Bermuda in the off-season was interesting for a couple of reasons. First of all, though still very beautiful, it's not warm and sunny - high '50s and '60s mostly, and very windy (while we were there anyhow). Secondly, the 20 square miles that make up the country are literally void of tourists. I saw this as an amazing perk because taxis were readily available and everywhere we went it was basically just locals, so we were able to get a genuine idea of what Bermuda is actually like AND snap some quality photos. Even the most "touristy" cities like the historically-rich town of St. George's - once a thriving port where many cruise ships docked - was verging on ghost town status. One of the most beloved landmarks there, The Unfinished Church, is a Gothic architectural gem that was constructed in the 1870's but never completed due to a mixture of financial and political turmoil. Even though it was grey day, the structure was absolutely gorgeous.

Some photographs from around the city...

(Tiny sidewalks make me sad!)

As you can see, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Pretty sweet!