Bermuda: Hamilton & Johnny Barnes

I forgot to mention the reason we were in Bermuda in my last post! The world premiere of Matt's latest documentary short film, Mr. Happy Man showed in downtown Hamilton in front of over 100 locals during the Bermuda International Film Festival. You may remember me posting about Mr. Happy Man back when it was just a fundraising campaign. The subject of the film, Johnny Barnes, is basically the Bermudian Santa Claus - only he makes people smile for six hours a day, five days a week, all year-round. [vimeo w=640&h=360]

Mr. Happy Man trailer from Matt Morris on Vimeo.

The statue of Johnny Barnes by Desmond Fountain sits right down the road from where he's greeted locals on their commute to work every day for the last few decades.

Meeting JB himself was truly such an honor - he really is the Spirit of Bermuda. This is just after having a chat about how he and his wife met. He is quite the storyteller!

Matt and Johnny, "keepin' it cool," as he says.

After hanging out with JB, we found the one and only coffee shop in Bermuda that offers locally roasted beans - Rock Island. The laid-back atmosphere, super friendly staff, and killer cappuccinos definitely hit the spot!

Also, by the way...Bermudian money is GORGEOUS!

Next up, a post about the beach and Tucker's Town. We SERIOUSLY saw so much in three days!