The Wise Owl

Owls are one of the oldest species of vertebrate animal in existence. Fossils have been found dating back 60 million years - showing them to have changed very little over that time, and they have been depicted in prehistoric cave paintings. There is no denying that owls are mystical, magical creatures. Matt and I are lucky enough to have two barred owls living on our property. We hear them like clockwork each and every evening and see them almost as frequently, but usually just from afar. They used to come out only around 6 p.m., but lately the owls have been out and about throughout the day. While walking up my driveway yesterday morning, I had an intense few minutes with one of our gorgeous owls. He not only allowed me photograph and take video for a good five minutes, he also let me get REALLY close! He maintained eye contact with me for much of the time, but also looked around and bent down to drink from the birdbath a few times, which I take to be a sign of trust. Because of my fascination with owls, this is obviously a huge nature boner for me...and it totally made my day!