I was greeted by two fuzzy baby owls and their mama (the majestic creature I photographed two weekends ago) on my way into the house from my car this evening. I heard the adult's call and then saw her swoop down into the neighbor's vacant lot (where she hunts, I assume) and then watched the babies, who were up in our tree, for ten minutes or so as they danced from foot to foot and nuzzled each other. When they're waiting for their mama to come back with food, they do this low coo that almost sounds like a cat purring! Man, having an owl family to love from a distance is honestly one of the best things I've ever experienced. As if that weren't an impressive enough way to end my workday, when I walked into the kitchen I found this on the counter:

A sea salted caramel brownie from my favorite local indulgence, Bluebird Bakeshop...I love my boyfriend so so so so much (she says as she snarfs half all of the brownie).