Vintage Car Nerd/New Car Owner

My boyfriend has turned me into a card nerd, plain and simple. On more than one occasion, I have found myself aimlessly meandering through vintage auto auctions on the internet. Here are some of the cars that I fantasize about driving and/or owning some day (in my little dream world).

VW Bus Westfalia Camper—Escape Artist (circa 1967)


Fiat 500 (circa 1968)


Porsche 356C (circa 1965)


Fiat 600 Multipla Marbella (circa 1957)


Fiat 500f Berlina (circa 1965)


Yes, I really like Fiats. That being said, for an everyday car that embodies practicality (affordability, safety, and mileage considerations top my list), year after year my favorite car has continued to be the Honda Fit. After having to replace the fuel pump in my car four times in three years, both the alternator and the starter crapping out (exactly one year apart), and then epically breaking down in the middle of rush hour traffic about two months ago, I have been in the market for a new ride. I test drove the Ford Fiesta, and though I absolutely loved the lime green color and it was pretty fun to drive, I felt claustrophobic and wasn't a fan of the interior or dashboard set-up. So, long story short...I am now the proud owner of a beautiful blue Honda Fit Sport!


I will probably be paying it off for the entirety of my existence, but dang life is good!