Owl Town

Currently, Matt and I refer to our home as "Trout Town" (long story!)...but lately, I've been thinking that "Owl Town" is much more fitting! You can't imagine the kind of elation that comes with our barred owl family learning to trust us - they are all (even the mama and daddy) comfortable around me and Matt, and even fall asleep in front of us, sometimes even when we're just a few feet away. Here are some recent shots I've taken of the babies. We named them Melvin and Jasper!


From spending this much time observing them, we're learning a great deal about owl life - everything from their hunting habits to how and when they sleep to how they react to other animals and humans. On Friday evening, we watched as one of the (overly confident) neighborhood squirrels walked right up to both baby owls, who were perched on a telephone line. It was hilarious seeing their reaction to the cocky squirrel, who I imagine took a dare to approach the owls (if the baby owls could talk, I would imagine them saying something like "Look at this guy! Who does he think he is?!").

While I've been taking a lot of photographs, Matt has the whole breathtaking video footage thing covered...