Mason Jar Music Project

Thanks to this NPR article, I've spent the past hour immersed in the most heavenly music while learning about a Brooklyn-based audio/visual production company and creative collective called Mason Jar Music (MJM). I'm not entirely sure how I'm just now finding out about this considering my love of all things conceptual and creatively progressive, but I am currently overwhelmed (in a good way) by the brilliance of this project. MJM has created a video concert series that pairs talented artists with original orchestral arrangements and resonant New York City locations called Mason Jar Music Presents. These artists include The Wood Brothers, Josh Garrels, and Abigail Washburn, to name a few. If you know me, you know my love of folk, bluegrass and jazz music so this is right up my alley. Some of the MJM Presents videos take place in abandoned buildings...maybe it's partially about finding the beauty in destruction and decrepitation, but I've always had a thing for photographing and wandering around abandoned buildings. Watching and listening to these amazing musicians perform in these unlikely and utterly breathtaking spaces around New York was so inspiring that I actually just picked up my (terribly out of tune) mandolin that hadn't been played in several weeks. 

A distinct passion rings true in every video produced for MJM Presents; in the musicians, the conductor, the filmmakers, even the person editing the pieces. You can watch them all at their Vimeo page here. To help fund the expansion and continuation of this incredible project, visit their Kickstarter page here - I just pledged my support. Art, of all forms, is worth investing in.