Don't Buy This Jacket

I adore Patagonia. This company not only knows its brand and stands by its ethics, they scream it out loud for the world to hear. They make an impact and don't care about the cost - literally. Here's an excerpt from the below full-page ad which appeared in the Black Friday installment of The New York Times:

[This jacket] required 135 liters of water, enough to meet the daily needs (three glasses a day) of 45 people. Its journey from its origin as 60% recycled polyester to our Reno warehouse generated nearly 20 pounds of carbon dioxide, 24 times the weight of the finished product. This jacket left behind, on its way to Reno, two-thirds its weight in waste. And this is a 60% recycled polyester jacket, knit and sewn to a high standard; it is exceptionally durable, so you won’t have to replace it as often. And when it comes to the end of its useful life we’ll take it back to recycle into a product of equal value. But, as is true of all the things we can make and you can buy, this jacket comes with an environmental cost higher than its price.



Take a minute and read the rest of the ad's text here.

Via Visual Armory