Free Smiles

Today I realized that I never shared some big news. I sometimes forget that I have a wider audience here than just my personal friends and family. SO - a few months ago, my fiancé Matt got nominated for an Emmy® Award for his first documentary short film, Pickin' & Trimmin'. It's been airing on dozens of PBS stations across the nation for the past year, so this is such exciting news! In order to get this inspiring story out to a broader audience, the film is now available to view in its entirety online. I've talked about the film so many times on my blog in the past that I won't get into the subject matter - but if you enjoy bluegrass music, documentary film, small-town culture...or have a soul, take 20 minutes out of your day and watch it if you haven't already! 

Matt recently made a case that short films should be truly free to the public - you can read the article on IndieWire here. After the success of posting Pickin' & Trimmin', he decided to release his most recent film, Mr. Happy Man on Valentine's Day. It's currently at 158K views and has been picked up by NPR,, The Daily What, Laughing Squid, Devour,, etc...I guarantee this film will make you smile, no matter how shitty your day has been! Johnny Barnes is a true role model.

For more info about Matt's films or to purchase a DVD (with extended scenes and extra footage), check out his website here.