Miss Minnie's Pecan Pie

I've been living in the South for almost seven years now, so it seemed appropriate to finally attempt a pecan pie! I got the filling recipe from Matt's mama, and the origin of the recipe has an awesome story to back it up: Miss Minnie was the cook at the Governor's Mansion for 15 years. She had a fresh piece of her award-winning pecan pie ready for the Governor on every day of his administration. The recipe notation says "Don't dare fiddle with such a monument to Southern culinary culture!"

I certainly didn't stray from the recipe one bit, and it turned out fantastic...mmm!

And I even made my own buttery, flaky crust! I used this recipe - and would definitely recommend it. The recipe is all-butter rather than the majority of recipes I found that call for shortening (siiiiick!). Speaking of, did you know the "All Ready Pie Crusts" at your local grocery stores still contain lard? (Double siiiiiick!)

Photos by Matt Morris.