Cork Planter Magnets

We are wine people and therefore there's a pretty excessive stock of wine corks lying around the house at any given time. I also have a slight obsession with house plants...but our apartment has minimal natural light, which inevitably means that most of my plants die. This is depressing for obvious reasons, so I've been brainstorming ways of keeping house plants alive - even if it's just clippings from bigger plants outside. The best solution I've found so far is to put clippings of low-light plants into bottles filled with water - no soil...they seems to be perfectly happy. But in experimentation mode, I was inspired (by this blog post I stumbled upon) to try out some wine cork planters. And then I made 'em into magnets, since our fridge faces a direct light source and all. I'm just going to try watering it with a dropper once a week and see how it works! Here's a little DIY tutorial for you. 20120626-200548.jpg