Internet Cat Video Festival

Whether you know me personally or you're just a follower of my blog, you have probably gathered that I'm pretty enthusiatic about being a cat lady. I have two of my own, which I obsess over and photograph daily, and one of my favorite internet trends of the past few years is the insurgence of silly cats videos. So you can imagine my excitement when the news broke of an Internet Cat Video Festival, which was held at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis on August 30 — more than 10K showed up to take part in the feline-lovin' festivities. Here's more from their website: "While normally viewed alone on a computer screen, our unofficial cat-lady-in-residence invites you to come gather together on the field and LOL in the presence of others as your favorite silly cat videos are projected larger-than-life one after the other. Experience the joy of a surprised kitten or keyboard cat together. Participate in this experiment that tests the social boundaries of the online community with a live, off-line event as we attempt to gather in physical space and real time to enjoy one of the internet’s most popular phenomena."

This is like my dream date night — outside under the stars, with a bottle of wine and my sweetie, watching CAT VIDEOS! I'm in love with the big winner of the festival, Henri 2, Paw de Deux, which won the Golden Kitty Award (below).

Here's a quick recap of the event — most notably, a quote from Minneapolis mayor, R. T. Rybak: "Cool cats are skipping Romney speech to see International Cat Film Festival @walkerartcenter #catvidfest"…YES!