Impromptu Michigan Trip

I'm lucky enough to have been raised in Mid-Michigan, and whenever I get home I sometimes revel in its understated beauty – especially this time of year when everything is so lushly green. This trip was dedicated to visiting with my incredibly lovely 93-year-old grandmother, Genevieve. The eldest of eight, my dad grew up on our family farm, where grandma still resides today.

Image 7

Sifting through dozens of old photos albums is one of my favorite things to do at The Farm. My grandfather recently passed away, so uncovering many shots of he and grandma looking happy and healthy brought a smile to my face.


When my sister and I visit The Farm together, we spend some time down at the pond throwing back a Black Label or two. My Uncle Joe actually has a "hiding spot" located under a rock in the spring, where the beers keep cold year-round (sorry for the reveal, Joe!). This trip, the pond had been drained for a cleaning so Jen and I got to walk through it and uncovered some gorgeous agates and fossils.


On the drive back, we stopped by one of our most-loved childhood ice cream spots, King Kone. Chocolate and vanilla twist dipped in chocolate? Yes, please!


And of course you know I had to document some Michigan flowers. The clematis are in bloom in my folks' backyard.


For more proof of Michigan's beauty, check out this short video that Matt made a few years ago. About 3:26 minutes in you can see footage of The Farm and my grandmother.