Pizza Day is the Best Day

When Alanna (aka The Bojon Gourmet), Kimberley (aka The Year In Food), and I decided to have an epic hangout sesh, we did not cut corners! Our menu for the cooking adventure day consisted of: pizza topped with chèvre, mozzarella, snap pea, lemon + mint, a salad made solely of ingredients freshly picked from our gardens, and the most delightful grilled asparagus. Seasonal as all get-out. 

Alanna makes the best gluten-free pizza dough I've ever had — it's flavorful, crispy, and perfectly complimented the fresh spring ingredients. Check out her recipe for this pizza's insanely good and worth every bit of effort.

I'm fairly certain Kimberley's home has the best natural light of anywhere I've had the pleasure of shooting. She also happens to be, in my eyes, one of the best food stylists and photographers out there — if you don't already have her super-inspiring cookbook, Vibrant Food, please check it out! Oh, and did I mention we grilled on her rooftop overlooking San Francisco on a crystal-clear day? Killer.

We even had an accidental chevron experience!

No shits were given by Taco the dog.

At this point in the post, I'd be remiss not to mention that Alanna's hand modeling skills are off.the.chain. Note: I don't actually use that phrase conversationally, but you know. It's true.

GFPizzaEmmaKMorris 495.jpg

I brought a bounty of just-picked yummies from my Napa garden to throw together a big salad, and dressed it all in a simple olive oil + Meyer lemon vinaigrette. As luck would have it, Kimberley had some beautiful little gem lettuces in her garden to add into the mix as well. A super fresh and tasty side dish to Alanna's masterful pizza creation!

I loved documenting the pros in action...

And finally, the fresh mint!

And after we devoured this gorgeous meal, the dreamy flavors continued because Alanna brought over two desserts for us to sample! Her white chocolate + lime blondies were absolute heaven. (Sorry, no photos. I ate it too fast to snap). 

I cannot stop babbling to my husband about what an phenomenal day we had — it was so refreshing to have a relaxed day of great cooking and equally as great conversation...I left feeling completely inspired and it's stuck with me as I write this. It's just so satisfying to be surrounded by likeminded creatives to collaborate and brainstorm with! Kimberley and Alanna are two talented ladies to look out for and up to in every way.