Tres Sabores Winery

I had the pleasure of spending some time with winemaker Julie Johnson at her picturesque Napa Valley winery, Tres Sabores. This isn't your typical touristy Wine Country experience — TS actually embodies the term "hidden gem." Committed to sustainability, Julie adheres to the principles of biodynamic farming which promotes healthier and more vibrant growing conditions over time. She raises sheep and Guinea fowl, has a robust year-round organic garden, grows 15 varieties of pomegranates and several species of colorful roses — all to further promote biodiversity on her historic property.

TresSaboresEmmaKMorris 416.jpg

Guinea fowl are a strangely majestic variety of ground-nesting birds that typically live in small groups. They eat pesky insects and produce eggs that can be used in the place of chicken eggs in most recipes.

And the garden was abound! Luckily, she sent me home with a big bag of salad greens and herbs...which I've been feasting on for the past two meals.

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