Collaborative Magic

There are some people that you just vibe with in the kitchen, and in life. My friend Alanna (aka The Bojon Gourmet) is one of those incredible souls for me. Aside from being a solid pal, she also happens to be an incredibly gifted photographer and baker — a classically-trained pastry chef, in fact — and has her first cookbook coming out in April (which you can pre-order here!). For our first cooking date of the year, we decided on Curried Singapore Noodles with Crispy Tofu Winter Veggies. My mouth just started watering as I typed that. You'd never guess this flavorful crowd-pleasing dish (featuring the most incredible curry powder by Spice Society) is vegan and gluten-free, but y'all know that's how we roll!

When you start with bright, fresh, and colorful produce, how can you go wrong? We picked our favorite winter veggies and went to town.

We had such a blast styling this shoot together. Alanna's gorgeous collection of bowls, spoons, and tea towels (her prop game is on-point) combined with my badass nonstick skillet and newly realized hand modeling potential set us up for an afternoon of SUCCESS!

For years, I've been developing a recipe for my dream crispy tofu. Many fails led to a foolproof recipe that I use way too often. Actually, let's be real: I never measure anything and wing it each time so it's semi-hilarious that it took this collaboration for me to actually write down the holy grail. Well, actually, SHE wrote it down while I added stuff to a bowl and ranted. Maybe this is a sign I should better document my everyday recipes? :) It all starts with a perfectly balanced salty/sweet/spicy marinade and some time in the fridge. Click through to Alanna's post for the recipe. 

Did I mention Alanna's cat, aptly named Catamus, is an amazingly ridiculous creature and totally welcome distraction? I took periodic breaks to photograph him with my Minolta film camera. Expect many Catamus photos once those are developed. Now for...

I got sidetracked by cats — story of my life! Okay, back to the food...

And more hand modeling! Noodle hand modeling to be exact...

And then it all came this point, we were drinking Ginger Kombucha Pimm's Cups that we concocted. And giggling a lot.

And then we gorged ourselves.

Pure collaborative magic. In a pretty bowl. Click through to The Bojon Gourmet for the recipe!