Artist Spotlight: Mikey Kelly

When I lived in Orlando and worked in nonprofit arts, studio visits were second nature — I spent so much time with local artists learning about their crafts, watching them in action, and helping them learn more about available artist and project grants to apply for. Here in Napa, I've been focused on my clients in the food and wine realm, so art has taken a bit of a back seat. That said, there are a wealth of exciting, talented and vibrant artists here in the Napa Valley, and I'm very lucky to know a few of them. I recently visited the studio of my friend and neighbor Mikey Kelly located right in downtown Napa. His drawings and paintings are created through a repetitious network of hand drawn lines. The pieces are painstakingly beautiful and are extremely intriguing to see up-close and in-person! Sculptures, drawings, paintings, light fixtures: this guy does it all, and does it well. His many art forms are present within his warehouse-style workspace. Enjoy the tour!

Napa also offers a self-guided Open Studio Tour every September, where you can go check out dozens of local artists in their element. But some of these incredibly talented artists (like Mikey!) keep their studios open year-round by appointment only for guests to visit. Just a little nudge to scratch the surface in the Napa Valley – there's so much to see and do (before and after you eat and drink).

Visit Mikey's website or follow him on Instagram.