The Chico Chai-cino

Have you ever fallen in love with a chai? I have...

Sarah Adams, the owner of Chico Chai, is responsible for my locally-brewed organic chai obsession. This bosslady also happens to be a delightful gal who is sustainably focused in business and in life. In the interest of reducing plastic waste from her company, she just introduced refillable glass bottles for their strong brew chai concentrate. The concentrate itself is perfectly in balance — mildly spicy, mildly sweet, never short in deliciousness. In celebration of Chico Chai's packaging makeover, I thought I'd create a little cocktail and raise a glass to Miss Sarah! Special thanks to my girl Alanna for introducing me to Nocino, a liquor derived from green walnuts, which gives this simple shaken cocktail a little something special! 

Chico Chai-cino

1/2 cup almond milk (I like Pacific brand unsweetened vanilla)
4 Tablespoons spiced rum
2 Tablespoons nocino liquor
2 Tablespoons Chico Chai Strong Brew chai concentrate
2 drops hazelnut OR almond extract
The tiniest pinch of sea salt (I like Jacobsen Salt Co.)

Combine all the ingredients together in a mason jar over a few cubes of ice (or even better, use crushed ice). Put the top onto the mason jar and shake like heck for a few seconds. Pour through a strainer into a fancy lady glass. Or for all y'all with cocktail shakers: you're smart, just use that ;) Note: minor separation will likely occur due to the nature of almond milk.

Makes two cocktails.