Misu Goes to School

Matt's six-year-old niece, Gracie, is one of the funniest, smartest and most imaginative little girls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Naturally. she's completely obsessed with my ridiculous cat Misu, who is a huge troublemaker and all-around silly boy. She also likes our older cat, Lily, but is mainly fascinated with Misu because of his giant paws, obsession with lizard-watching and other unusual habits, and fascinating sleeping positions. Gracie has many theories about Misu - like that he should be legally wed to her 90 pound dog Lexie because they "would be perfect for each other."

Gracie and I, playing dress-up with the very patient and plump Lexie.

A few weeks ago, while she and Matt were talking on the phone, she decided to create a lesson plan for Misu, since he needs to start school (he's six, like her). Matt transcribed, word for word, everything she said. He only added in an occasional "ok, uh huh," in agreement.

First year you do doubling-doubling math numbers. And after that you should do nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

And I think during that, you should do independent work and art and reading group. So you write out worksheets for Misu and Lily, I hope Lily will participate in it, and I think you should have him do a math book every week. And he comes up to you or Emma and tells you how many he got off missing by math. And word problems. Not only math. You should write the days of the week on the math book, too, and what unit you're on. When you start tomorrow you're going to have a little math book which you should work on today. You tell him what to do and you write the number one on it. So that's how you do it.

Oh, I have the best thing ever that he needs to know by second grade. Time. And he should have a different shoe day. It's when people wear two different shoes. To accept the value of others for who they are. No matter what kind of shoes they wear. Or what they look like. And you should, every once in a while, okay, you should get like, three madlibs books and you should do some activities on the 100th day like make necklaces and use fun arts and crafts and make books every week so you will have...actually, you should make...you should have Misu and Lily do a page for each book so the books will have two pages. And you should do plays, too.

How old is Misu? Let's just say Misu is six, cause this is all first grade stuff. Oh, and you should take field trips. And you should do science. And have them do stuff like give...make pages and pictures to give construction workers so you can deliver them to the construction workers. And then they'll do what Misu and Lily give them. And you should do vowel pairs. And you should get get two white boards. And you should make Emma two purses for backpacks, kitty backpacks. And you should have some time to lay their head down or read a book or fall asleep, which Misu will really like. But Lily will not participate because she sleeps all day. And this is the end of the day. Wait, no. When they...and you have morning reading. So you read the books that came home with them, you read a lesson to them, and you should get some games on your computer so they could play them or make typing so Misu can type and play videogames. And at the end of the day, or if they're good, and they do something that is smart of them that someone else in the class didn't know you should give them a little cat treat. And that's the end of the day! Can I go? I love you. Bye.

I can't wait to get my kitty backpacks!

Here's the latest and greatest Misu video. Make sure you have your volume turned up... [vimeo 20561760 w=640 h=360]

Misu is sleeping from Matt Morris on Vimeo.

Conversation Hearts

I got a bag of Valentine's Day candy from my coworker that I am still rifling through. There was a box of conversation hearts (which I hadn't seen in years) within this bag. Let me just say...I am appalled. I laughed out loud for a minute straight, but regardless I am still appalled.

Did I get the gag-gift for adults box? Is "Reach 4 It" a conversation that a fourth grader is having with his playground crush these days? Crikey.