High Five Fridays 10.29.10

Okay where did this week even go?! It FLEW by - sorry for the lack of posts, guys. Here's five more reasons to smile as you kick-off your weekend...

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Holy cuteness! Lion cub swimming lessons! Sign me up. [Via Treehugher. Photo: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin.]

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Onion rings. I effing love them. And now I can make them at home, guilt-free. Thank you, PPK...love to you!

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8tracks.com is my jam this week. My friend Shawn Joy clued me in on this lil gem. Totally takes the place of Pandora for me. Right now I am listening to a mix tape called "Feeling Alright" with tracks by everyone from The Dandy Warhols to Elton John to Sigur Ros to Modest Mouse. I looooove mix tapes and this website is totally renewing my appreciation for them!

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The Society of Commercial Architecture's Facebook page is awesome [here]. They are the oldest national organization devoted to the buildings, artifacts, structures, signs, and symbols of the 20th century commercial landscape. Their wall photos and posts consistently make my Facebook feed cooler.

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For all the Harry Potter nerds in the house...."you are soooooo dumbbbb!" Run and tell that, homeboy.

And on that note...have a radical Halloween! No OD-ing on homemade gingerbread cookies with cinnamon icing and an XXL bag of pretzel M&M's like I already have, ya hear?