Recycled Shoe Laces for Animals

New York native and now Montreal-based fashion designer Yana Gorbulsky (better known as Supayana) has always been inventive with her designs. But now she's taken it up a notch (or five) by adding a line made of 100% recycled materials, like old reconstructed over-sized men's shirts (below). il_430xn_65541003


For this line, she's also created a super-chic necklace that looks like a fringy scarf from afar (see below) that is actually made out of bunches of shoe laces(!). I sure as hell never imagined a shoe lace necklace to be classy, but if anyone can do it Yana can.... and she did. And as if that weren't rad and progressive enough, 100% of the profit of these necklaces goes to a no-kill animal shelter in Montreal.



Saving baby bunnies and kittens at $25 a pop, and I get an original piece of Supayana art to wear around my neck? Sign me the eff up.


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