RIFLE Design: Anna Bond

I feel blessed to be surrounded by multitudes of talented, driven people in my life. The other day I read a post from Kerin Rose about how her studded sunglasses adorn Rhianna in her latest music video, my dear friend Dirk called me last week from the road — he is currently touring the country with Demi Lovato as her personal photographer, and my mom, who I am always so proud of, is using her 40+ years of experience in elementary education to write her own book. With this kind of inspiration to succeed surrounding me, how could I not consistently strive to create? These folks (and many more) inspire me on a daily basis. Enter: Anna Bond...


Her specialized wedding concept and stationary company, RIFLE Design, has taken off at 100 mph. Her body of work is distinctive – each design is markedly different from the next yet always connects back to the cohesive and undeniably enchanting aesthetic of her artwork. Her pieces tend to carry a woodland theme, which includes a myriad of forest creatures, country landscapes, Victorian-inspired flowers, and happy little trees (yes, I am having a Bob Ross moment).


Did you think that was all? Nope! Here are some original pieces, which debuted at the female-powered craft and cupcake bazaars that a few lady friends and I created called Pinklight Bazaar. I hope Anna will compile them into a children's book someday...


Anna is also an established album art and concert poster guru here in Orlando and beyond. Here's her install from a music-themed exhibition, "Rock Walk," that I curated for the Florida Music Festival back in 2007...


She is also a regular contributor to OnceWed's DIY projects. I remember helping her make a similar version of the mason jar centerpieces below, for her own beautiful wedding just over a year ago!


Speaking of Anna's wedding, can we talk about how incredible the cake she designed looked (and tasted)?!



Oh...and did I mention that we bake pies and wear aprons, too? Yeah, we do...


Check out her DIY projects via Once Wed

Bookmark her new site, launching soon

And for those of you in the Orlando area, keep an eye  open (or both) for a late September opening of the RIFLE Stationary and Design Shop located at 704 W. Fairbanks Ave., right next to local fav Mama's Sauce Print Shoppe.





I often think about how many talented amazing people I have been blessed with in my life. And one of my very best friends and all-time favorite New Yorker, Kerin Rose, tops that list. The terms fashion designer, artist, trendsetter, and accessory queen don't even begin to do her justice. Her new line of crystal-encrusted sunglasses are flying off the shelves at Patricia Field and have been rocked by the likes of Katy Perry and Mariah Carey (ha, I rhymed!). This is just the beginning for miss Kerin Rose and her breakthrough company, A-Morir.


Q: What inspired you to start your own line?

 A: this particular incarnation was a total accident. after going into remission from a 9 year active chronic illness (hooray!) and leaving the marketing field (i had fallen into alternative marketing out of college) i wanted to figure out what to do with my life... and 7 months later, here i am. this whole glitter and feathers thing is so much better than making teeshirts - even though i still hand-screen shirts every now and again, as an homage to my painting.




Me wearing a hand-printed original tshirt by Kerin Rose, c: 2008.


Q: You are also an artist - when did you start creating art?

A: i had my first painting lesson when i was in kindergarden. i've been using acrylic paints since i was a wee little thing. i currently paint giant, colourful mouths.  i didn't start painting lips, until i was in college - and it's been a recurring theme for the past  half doen years.


Lips & Pencil Pills. Acrylic on canvas, c: 2008.


Self-portrait. Acrylic on canvas, c: 2008.


Q: I believe that i was with you in NYC when you coined the phrase "trannytastic" - i still use that to this day.

A: i think you were. trannies and drag queens are fabulous, because they're the only women who celebrate being women.

 Q: A-Morir hasn’t been around (officially) for long and already some HUGE celebs are rocking your glasses. Name drop!

A: katy perry wore a custom pair of a-morir beethoven shades during her american idol performance! currently! the incredible princess superstar has worn a number of my headpieces and glasses; along with www.valissayoe.com i'll be creating some incredibly unique looks for her upcoming musical project! mariah carey and jazmine sullivan have worn my bizet shades in music videos, and beyonce bought a pair of bizet's from the patricia field boutique, erin lucas from MTV's "The City" has sported my two toned beethoven sunglasses on the show, and before american idol katy perry had performed in, and been blogged about in my red schubert heart sunglasses.


PC: Katy-Perry.net




 PC: Katy-Perry.net

Q: What would you say is the overall theme or the message of A-Morir?

 A: accessories, by nature, are supplimental. you don't NEED them, they're additional.  so i wanted to create something that was make-you-feel-warm-and-fuzzy special. you know when you see something so amazing that a little part of you dies inside? that's what i'm going for. 


Kerin & I. Marc Jacobs, NYC, c: 2008

To find out more about Kerin Rose or to inquire a purchase, check out http://a-morir.com/ or if you're in NYC, drop by any Patricia Field boutique.