Grilled Asparagus + Tofu Summer Rolls

It's official...happy spring! In my opinion, there's no better way to welcome this vibrant time than cooking with oodles of bright, in-season veggies. As you may have gathered from my Instagram feed, this blog, and my portfolio, I'm pretty infatuated with fresh vegetables and I strive to practice and support the farm to table movement every day. 

Tofu side rant. I pretty much have a bowl of it marinating in my fridge at least once a week. It's a staple in my quick lunch stir-fries and salad bowls, and the perfect companion for burritos and thai peanut noodles. Don't worry, I've done my research on soy (here's a fairly comprehensive history via Bon Appetit from 2014) and it's perfectly fine to consume in moderation. In fact, it's been proven time and time again that soy actually decreases the risk of cancer and diabetes across the board in both men and women, and normal consumption could actually lower your cholesterol. I always choose organic non-GMO tofu — my favorite brands are Wildwood and Hodo. When prepared properly, tofu is easily one of the most delicious, protein-packed, and versatile readily available ingredients.

Okay, let's get down to business: I absolutely adore stuffing my face with summer rolls this time of year, but I make them very infrequently. Why? They're somewhat time-consuming, require a fair amount of ingredients, and mastering the rolling technique takes practice. All of this said, the hard work always pays off! Alanna and I set out to refine our current summer roll recipes and together managed to create possibly the best roll of my life! When our powers combine...

This recipe is just gorgeous — everything from the flavor-bomb marinade and dipping sauce to the perfectly grilled asparagus and tofu.

And the colors! Spring personified. 

When Alanna and I cook and shoot together, it's a true collaboration. Usually, one of us has an idea about a recipe we want to perfect...then we decide on ingredients, and tend to figure out assembly and technique along the way. It's all very organic (only like a little pun intended). We often play off of each others' style concepts or shot ideas and always utilize our collective hand modeling skills for one another! It's an inspiring creative process that surefire ends in consuming copious amounts of homemade food and at least one (or three) lady cocktails with a dear friend.

Guys. Big news. Because of this shoot, I can now effectively roll a summer roll like nobody's business! Exciting, no? Click through to Alanna's incredible blog, The Bojon Gourmet, for the recipe and more behind-the-scenes stories that make me laugh out loud.

Elie Saab

My heart is racing and my mouth is dry. It's not anxiety, it's fashion! Say hello to the Elie Saab Winter/Fall Haute Couture Collection. This is the most gorgeous collection I've seen on the runway in years, and with 46 beautifully-executed looks to feast your eyes on, you're sure to find a favorite in the bunch.


If these show-stopping gowns made your jaw drop, I highly suggest you watch the full runway show. Just unbelievable!