Shipwright & Co.

Shipwright & Co. was born in January of 2013 when a Chandler and Price letterpress circa 1911 entered the lives of two old friends, Jen Kruch and Jessie Alberts. The result, in my honest opinion, is one of the most exciting letterpress and design companies in the nation. Jen and Jessie have a distinct style, sense of humor, and impeccable craftsmanship that sets them apart from the pack.

Photo by Matt Morris

Photo by Matt Morris

Tucked away in a small garage atop a mountain, their printshop is located in an especially lovely part of the Napa Valley. Being surrounded by such beauty helps inspire these gals to be especially mindful and environmentally conscious in their work. They print with low-VOC rubber-based inks, use vegetable oil and other natural products to clean their press, and use 100% cotton, tree-free paper. Talk about an environmentally friendly small business!

Watch their process as they create a business card from (almost) start to finish in this short film by Matt Morris.

Before we go any further, some full disclosure: my sister is one-half of this company and my husband made the above film. That said, I'm not just writing about it because I'm biased — I'm sharing it because Shipwright & Co. deserves insane recognition for their unique design aesthetic, not to mention the painstaking skill and time it takes to pull and trim each and every piece they produce by hand.

With any piece of technology becoming obsolete after five years, it's astounding to think that something built more than 100 years ago is still relevant and does exactly what it was designed to do. With this type of approach, many tend to take themselves too seriously because they feel they're preserving this piece of history. What Shipwright does is bring levity to this labor-intensive art form — they have fun while producing beautiful things (check out their nautical series, which includes a merman version of Steve Guttenberg). They are the real deal, folks!


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Alexandra Grecco

I first took notice of Alexandra Grecco while browsing a friend's "favorites" on Etsy a while back, but for some reason never really stopped to look at her lovely creations until today. The Brooklyn-based designer is an FIT graduate and former Ballet dancer, which appears to inspire elements of her designs. Some pieces have a vaudeville quality while others are simply feminine and enchanting. You'll find everything from flirty silk crepe dresses to delicate flowered headbands in her Etsy store.


>> Her Etsy shop here.

>> Her Blog here.

Mia Pearlman Rocks It

One of my favorite visual artists, Mia Pearlman (I wrote a blog about her work here) recently embarked on a new project in the music realm. Her artwork is the main attraction for rock band Thursday's new double album, "No Devolución," which is set to be released on 4.12.11. Back in the day, I was a huge Thursday fan - of course, I also had fuchsia hair and wore glitter on my eyelids. I have no idea what their current music sounds like Okay, wow, I just went to their MySpace page and found out what their current music sounds like and it's pretty rough...but maybe my taste in music has just evolved quite a bit! Regardless, 19 year old me is crapping my pants right now - what a random and beautiful collaboration.

Mia also designed a limited edition laser-cut CD sleeve for Thursday. I'm in love! There were only 500 of these made (available here).

All images via Mia Pearlman. Check out her (lovely) website and many incredible projects here.

RIFLE Design: Anna Bond

I feel blessed to be surrounded by multitudes of talented, driven people in my life. The other day I read a post from Kerin Rose about how her studded sunglasses adorn Rhianna in her latest music video, my dear friend Dirk called me last week from the road — he is currently touring the country with Demi Lovato as her personal photographer, and my mom, who I am always so proud of, is using her 40+ years of experience in elementary education to write her own book. With this kind of inspiration to succeed surrounding me, how could I not consistently strive to create? These folks (and many more) inspire me on a daily basis. Enter: Anna Bond...


Her specialized wedding concept and stationary company, RIFLE Design, has taken off at 100 mph. Her body of work is distinctive – each design is markedly different from the next yet always connects back to the cohesive and undeniably enchanting aesthetic of her artwork. Her pieces tend to carry a woodland theme, which includes a myriad of forest creatures, country landscapes, Victorian-inspired flowers, and happy little trees (yes, I am having a Bob Ross moment).


Did you think that was all? Nope! Here are some original pieces, which debuted at the female-powered craft and cupcake bazaars that a few lady friends and I created called Pinklight Bazaar. I hope Anna will compile them into a children's book someday...


Anna is also an established album art and concert poster guru here in Orlando and beyond. Here's her install from a music-themed exhibition, "Rock Walk," that I curated for the Florida Music Festival back in 2007...


She is also a regular contributor to OnceWed's DIY projects. I remember helping her make a similar version of the mason jar centerpieces below, for her own beautiful wedding just over a year ago!


Speaking of Anna's wedding, can we talk about how incredible the cake she designed looked (and tasted)?!



Oh...and did I mention that we bake pies and wear aprons, too? Yeah, we do...


Check out her DIY projects via Once Wed

Bookmark her new site, launching soon

And for those of you in the Orlando area, keep an eye  open (or both) for a late September opening of the RIFLE Stationary and Design Shop located at 704 W. Fairbanks Ave., right next to local fav Mama's Sauce Print Shoppe.