Franklin Evans

I'm really digging New York-based artist Franklin Evans' multi-faceted installations. He has a pretty extenstive install comprised of new paintings and drawings called "timecompressionmachine" currently on display in the Greater New York emerging artists show at MoMA P.S. 1 in Long Island. I'm really envious of New Yorkers right now.

via Escape To New York

Other than the above and a New York Times article, I haven't seen a ton of photos yet of the exhibit but here is some random radness from past works so you get the idea...

via Sue Scott Gallery

via Bailey Gallery

Oh boy. Somebody transport me?!

Tord Boontje

I first took notice of Dutch designer Tord Boontje in 2006 when I saw a magical Christmas campaign that his company created for Target stores. Both on TV commercials and in the stores, it was chock-full of whimsical plant life and woodland creatures. Some of the patterns and products he designed for it, like the plate set below, are forever (happily) ingrained in my brain.


And the in-store displays were rad too...

tord_boontje_target_store *Photo Cred:

Maybe one year later, I was walking through the MOMA gift shop in New York City when my eyes were drawn to a gorgeous, lacy, and delicate-looking lampshade and I instantly thought "it's that guy who did the Target campaign!" Sure enough, it was...


Sadly, I never bought that lampshade. But I stumbled upon a global design website the other day called A+R Store that randomly carries some beautiful Tord Boontje designs!





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Looks like babygirl needs to start saving up, eh? Also, oooooooooh...