I have been making ridiculous pillows embellished with inside jokes. The first method I tried was hand-sewing the felt letters I cut out onto the pillow, which worked fine except it made my fingers black and blue! So for the second pillow, I opted for permanent fabric glue to adhere the letters - it took significantly less time and looks more a bit nicer, but without the stitching it loses some of the homemade charm.

Comfort Food Pillows?!

Okay, I randomly came across this amazing Etsy shop, Diffraction Fiber, that offers collections of felt pillows like "Comfort Food" and "Geeks Need Pillows Too." I would love to own the below set of pillows so I can scream "It's peanut butter jelly time!!!" at any given time, in any context, and it be okay... pbjellytime

On the site, they are dubbed as "eco-friendly pillows with personality." Indeed.



The artist also has some cool fiber art for sale...


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