Reupholster Project!

Six years ago, I acquired a ratty old stool covered in white vinyl from a friend who randomly picked it up at an Express store that was going out of business. I loved the square shape and height of the stool, so my intention from day one was to reupholster it...but life happens and I let it slip my mind. Besides, the cats are OBSESSED with this thing for some reason so one of them has basically been parked on it since I've had it. Because of this "wear" on the stool, the vinyl started cracking and peeling back, revealing some kind of mold growing underneath it (ewwww!). So, it obviously became a priority to fix that baby up! Matt and I happened to be visiting his family in Wilmington, so his lovely and extraordinarily crafty mom (Mimi) and I decided we were up for a reupholstering project. Let me also say that neither of us have a clue how to "correctly" reupholster, so this is by no means a "how to" post. We just went with what seemed like would work...and it did!

First, we tore off all of the nasty vinyl and the molded cotton lining and padding underneath of that. We didn't get photos of this process because it was just too gross :P Next, we fitted and attached some new cotton batting.

We flipped it over and plucked out dozens of rusty staples using pliers, and removed some of the particle board and old trim they were attached to.

After that, I took it outside and scrubbed the legs with steel wool and Bar Keeper's Friend in an attempt to remove some rusting...I was only partially successful! But it was worth a try.

We pre-cut the material, laid the stool on top, and prepared our "tool board."

Thanks to Mimi's "German hands," we folded perfect hospital corners then secured each corner with black steel carpet tacks. Pulling tightly, we hammered in additional carpet tacks all the way around - one about every inch. This was my favorite part because I looooove hammering stuff!

Last, we hot-glued some beautiful vintage braided trim around the edge, and BOOYA! A revamped classic piece.

Mimi also made me a matching slipcover (not pictured) that is washable, since we knew the minute the stool was back in our house both cats would be all over that business! And they are! Luckily, they are front-declawed...

Super excited. On that note, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

The most perfect spoon ring

I once owned the most perfect vintage spoon ring, until one fateful day when I was (shamefully) in a Forever 21 and took it off my finger to try on a piece of crap $4 ring, then forgot to put my own ring back on my finger before leaving. And I never saw it again...still frosts my cookies after three years! I've searched thrift stores and rummaged through estate sale jewelry for a replacement, but no luck. I also check in on one of my favorite Etsy stores pretty often just waiting for the day my ideal ring replacement pops up...and it happened the other day! Unfortunately, it costs [as my mother would say] "an arm and a leg," so it can't actually be mine. So I may as well post it/drool over it!

That's mighty purdy.

A Teacup Story

I have an antique nerd story with a very happy ending! It all started with a lone vintage yellow teacup, and a lovely one at that. It was once part of a multicolored set that belonged to my grandmother in the early '70s. I somehow or another ended up with the teacup, which I adore, but swiftly dropped it (my clumsiness is genetic!) and the handle broke off so I super-glued it back together. Though slightly ghetto, it totally worked and I use it all the time. A few weeks ago, I started thinking about how amazing it'd be to have the full set of teacups and flipped over the cup to see the brand: Collingwood Ware.

On a whim, I searched eBay and found a single result - an almost complete set of the EXACT cups...and it appeared to be missing just one cup, the yellow one I already had! So, as if that weren't perfect enough, the seller offered a "Best Offer" option on the sale, so I was able to enter a slightly lower bid, which they accepted, in order to stay within my budget. Look how happy my no-longer-lone teacup is surrounded by its new family!

And you know Misu had to steal the spotlight as usual...

The eBay seller has a treasure trove of china and kitchenware stuff here and is a total sweetheart to boot. Someone needs to buy this gravy boat ASAP so I don't.

Pretty sure all I need to do now is have a tea party with some of my favorite lovely ladies to celebrate my epic find!

Look Ma, I made Budweiser classy

A few months ago I found this vintage wooden Budweiser box with magnetic doors at a garage sale:

I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it, since we're pretty short on wall space. It sat around until Saturday afternoon, when I finally figured out where I could hang it and what I wanted to fill it with. Stuff that had just been sitting around the house - an antique painted pig, a piece of driftwood from California, a homemade terrarium...all have a new home! Here's what I came up with:

And in the process of moving some stuff around the living room, I randomly decided to make a new ultra-simple tiny terrarium with a crystallized beetle (sitting next to an old glass-plate negative):

I also need to say how excited it makes me that I can close and open the Budweiser cabinet because it looks frickin' cool both ways! WOOOO!

Etsy is Trouble.

I woke up early this morning because my upstairs neighbor has the loudest, most extended and overly dramatic yawn of all time. I'm not joking. If I had to type how it sounds, it'd be like this: "AH WHOOOOOO WHOO WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." Therefore, I have been browsing Etsy a little (lot) bit today, and here are the lovely things that caught my adoring eyes... This adorable (and totally functional!) craft apron by CityChicCountryMouse.

These assorted owl prints on handmade lokta paper from Nepal by box64studios.

So true. Loving this cute t-shirt by Dressing on the Side.

This vintage metal letter holder by Richard and Ruthie.

Etsy is T-R-O-U-B-L-E!