Quixote Winery

From 1988 to 1998, one of my all-time favorite artists and architects designed and constructed Quixote Winery in Napa, CA. Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000) was a visionary whose values, mentality, and artistic vision were cutting edge to say the least. As a contemporary artist and architect, he broke all the rules, created freely, and he certainly didn't care for straight lines or bland colors. These points are so gorgeously reflected throughout the grounds of Quixote, which makes for an absolutely visceral experience. The atmosphere within Quixote is almost intoxicating...literally a breath of fresh air from the mundane buildings of the present. Everything from the gold-capped turret roofs to the hand-painted pillars to the custom-designed font that Hundertwasser himself created for the winery's logo, is vivid and amazing. Okay, I'm going to stop ranting now and just show you the photographs! The grounds:

Inside the Quixote offices:

Even the bathrooms are cool!

Pretty sure this is an original...

One of the labels:

From Hundertwasser's original sketches for the grounds:

After our trip to Quixote, Jen and I found beautiful rings at a store in Sonoma, handcrafted by Navajo Indians. Mine reminded me so much of Hundertwasser's asymmetrical designs!

>>> For more about Quixote, click here.

San Francisco

I knew it was going to be a memorable trip when we were immediately greeted with some kick ass (however unintentional) street art at the San Francisco International Airport. Some kid apparently smooshed his oily little face onto some glass in a 180 degree motion. I can't believe how well it translated to photograph!

Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Park's Conservatory of Flowers had a carnivorous plants exhibit called CHOMP! 2 going on. Here are some of my favorite shots (most courtesy of my boo).

There was also a sweet art exhibit set up at the gift shop within the Conservatory.

While wandering around the Mission District, I was mesmerized by an artist masterly constructing a gigantic advertisement for gin with a paintbrush. We stopped to talk with him for a while, and found out that he aspires to one day be a filmmaker.

Favorite graffiti in town.

The idea of a Banksky piece getting vandalized is kind of hilarious.

Delores Park.

We met up with my college bud Kristen at a cute little coffee joint/bike shop called Mojo Bicycle Cafe! Sooo good to see her.

Whoever is the owner of this arrow gate is should probably be my friend.

I got a t-shirt at Loyal Army on Haight St. that says "Animal Rights Are Never Wrong." My kind of folks :)

I have quite a propensity for used book stores anyway, but Green Apple Books at 6th and Clement St. was INSANE! They had every book that I could have ever imagined wanting, a designated Edward Gorey section (!!!), Charley Harper card games and puzzles, the most ridic greeting card and sticker collection, man...I'm about to go into a cold sweat just thinking about how unfair life is because I don't live near this gem.

We also wandered into a strange (understatement?) combination Japanese mini-mart and crepe shop in Inner Richmond called Genki Crepes. I really regret not getting a crepe because they looked and smelled fantastic. Maybe I was thrown off by the mini-mart's offerings of such delicate delights as pre-packaged "Let's Party" freeze-dried fish and crabs...PARTY TIME MOTHEREFFERS!!!

The epic day was rounded out by one of the best meals of my life at Burma Superstar. We got to hang out with a good friend of Matt's, Mystery Woman Beth (who is totally amazing). In the photo below, I was enjoying my little nook booth (for obvious reasons). If you're ever in San Fran, do yourself a favor and go here, then order the pea shoots, the tofu tower, and have a white sangria. MMMMM MMMMM MMMMM!

I love how every time I visit, I leave with a new list of favorite places. SF never lets me down!

The Coast

The drive up highway 1 from Napa towards Mendocino was breathtaking. Unfortunately, it was also barf-tastic (SUPER curvy and nausea inducing)! But frequent scenic overlook stops and quirky one-stoplight towns along the way made it all worth it.

And speaking of kittens, downtown Mendocino had the most charming little bookshop called the Gallery Bookshop with a pretty awesome message: SAVE THE WORLD. BUY A BOOK. Yesssssssssuh! They had a killer art section where I found an obscure limited edition Hundertwasser (one of my absolute favorite architects and artists of this century) hardcover book that I lost my shit over and bought.

Gualala with the fam!

The Geyserville General Store was like stepping into a 1950's feed store in cowboy country complete with three flea-infested but adorable pups. I definitely bought coffee mugs that have "Perky Cowgirl" and "Happy Cowboy" printed on them, and Matt found a leather belt with ox and bison hand-carved into it by a 75 year old man.


The legendary Sea Ranch Lodge - a little piece of New Zealand sittin' pretty on the coast of California!

Up next? San Francisco adventures and FOOD times!

Heather Bullard

I love love love designer/editor Heather Bullard's blog. Browsing through it is like therapy for me, and a recent post documenting her gorgeous new chicken coop (she designed it and her man built it) especially caught my eye. 6a00d83451be3369e20120a937e8ed970b

Oh, and she has the most adorable fluffy bebeh chicks...


And a very special chick-herder...


In case you missed my post about chicken coops a few months back, I dream of someday designing and constructing a swanky setup for some backyard chicks of my own.

But back to Heather! I have gotten lost in her home collection online store a few too many times. Take a look at some of my wants, and you'll see why!







More: http://www.heatherbullard.com/ PhotCred: Heather Bullard