Watering Station

I've had this golden pothos hanging plant for about eight years, and it's never been happier than lately. When we moved into the new place, it marked the first time the plant had really gotten direct sunlight, so the vines have been creeping at a ridiculous pace. We've been training the main vine to frame our bookshelf, and it's actually at the end now, so now I guess I'll attempt to nail it up around the whole room! The first photo is what it looked like back in November...

Since then, we have noticed these long nubby things that look like roots growing downward about every two inches along the vine. We recently realized that these may be growing because there is only one water source for that entire HUGE plant, so we decided to make some of these little roots a watering station!

I just took a mason jar and wrapped wire under the lip a few times, while making sure to secure a 'handle' with the wire as well. Super simple! And cute. We'll see if it starts drinking water from there - if so, we're going to make a few more watering stations for it. We really spoil our houseplants, huh?

I Made Curtains

When most people get sick, they lay around. I lay around...AND make curtains. My immune system had fought off the crazy cold that Matt's had for a good week before surrendering to it. I'm feeling pretty rough, but at least I am finally getting into some much-needed home improvements! Thanks to Mimi and the sales on Fabric.com, I had some beautiful materials to work with. The kitchen window has far too much duct-tape (long story...) and far too little class. I decided to change that last part! (The duct-tape sadly, has to stay).

The living room window looked so naked before!









































Up next? Curtains for the bedroom. Well, maybe after a nap...

New Art, Happy Heart!

We have some relatively new pieces of art in our home so I wanted to share! One is by Orlando-based mixed media artist Tic Bowen. Matt and I fell in love with his work during Twelve21 Gallery's Home Brewed exhibition last month. We picked a charming little shadow box filled with pointy-nosed bicyclers.

The second new artsy addition to our home is by Alabama folk artist Butch Anthony. He has been making annual visits to Central Florida for the past two years thanks to the fabulous Jeanine Taylor Folk Art gallery in Sanford. The paint-by-number skeleton deer is the third Butch Anthony original in our collection, and it fits into our living room's decor perfectly! Check out this New York Times article about Butch and his incredible self-made forest home here.

In other news, Matt turned 28 over the weekend. I'm no longer a cougar (until June, when I turn 29 anyway). I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, which was lovely! Made Smitten Kitchen's lemon ricotta pancakes (here), which were by far the absolute best pancake I've had to date! Super moist, fluffy, mildly sweet and bright (from the lemon peel!). I also baked Matt a pineapple upside-down cake from the Blackberry Farm cookbook.


One of my favorite things about visiting California is the amazing culinary adventures I get to partake in. Napa County has some of the best dining establishments in the nation, and I'm lucky to have my sister and her husband Jorge, who is a local chef in the area, guiding me to the best of the best! Each time I visit I am consistently intrigued by how virtually every restaurant we go to utilizes local seasonal ingredients and has an emphasis on organic fresh food. If only more of the world would adopt these seemingly simple practices! One of these fantastic restaurants is Farmstead in St. Helena, which features authentic farmhouse cooking in a beautifully rustic setting. This was my first of hopefully many more visits to come! "The ingredients are sourced entirely from local purveyors. Featuring Long Meadow Ranch's all-natural grass-fed beef and organic and sustainably produced eggs, fruits, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, and honey."

I was totally in love with the antique farming equipment in and around the restaurant. Check out these tables.

My adorable parents.

The best cheesy biscuits I've ever had in my entire life. Holy crapballs!

Goofing around on the porch!

My brother-in-law Jorge with his good friend, Sheamus Feeley, executive chef at Farmstead.

For more information about Farmstead, check out their website here.

Mondays aren't so bad!

Just in case you're feeling blah on this lovely Monday, here are some things to (possibly, hopefully) make you smile!

Thanks to NPR's First Listen series, you can listen to Bright Eyes' forthcoming album, "The People's Key" by clicking here. I've listened to the album in its entirety six times now and I'm speechless...it's really THAT good! Regardless of if you love or hate Conor Oberst, give it a listen...you might just pee your pants a little like I did. (via npr)

As if that weren't enough to brighten your Monday, check out how gorgeous Mila Kunis looked at the SAG Awards in Alexander McQueen...wowzas!

(via coco perez)

And how about this love seat set-up? Gimme that.

(via design sponge)

Have a lovely week, kids! <3