A Few Reasons I Love Telluride

Telluride, Colorado is an incredibly picturesque and unique little town. Here are a few of my favorite things about it.

1.) The mountains.


2.) Other people's dogs.


Matt and I estimate that two out of three people that pass us on the street in Telluride have at least one dog. And they bring them EVERYWHERE. Which means that I constantly get to hang out with cool pups while their owners are inside restaurants, etc.

3.) Progressive Environmental Attitude.


The wind-powered gondola is the first and only free public transportation system of its kind in the United States. Even cooler, the city of Telluride is working towards a solar-powered gondola system (check our the Green Gondola Campaign). Did I mention that there are bike racks on all of the gondolas? Virtually everyone rides their bikes as their preferred mode of transportation in Telluride; in fact, I noticed almost everywhere we went that bike racks were not only full, but the majority of bikes were left unlocked. Bicycle theft apparently isn't an issue in this forward-thinking city.


Every restaurant we dined at was focused on sustainability and utilized as many local and organic ingredients as possible. Honga's Lotus Petal was my favorite place to eat - best pad thai of my life.

And as if the place could get any cooler, there is also a plastic bag ban in Telluride.

4.) The wildlife and not-so-wild flowers.


We saw grazing elk on the edge of town daily. And marmots, gophers, and deer, too! There were lovely pansies and colorful tulips popping up all over as well.


5.) The preservation of what once was.


I'm a total nerd for all things vintage as most of you know. Numerous historic buildings have been preserved, restored, and are still in use today.

And one last thing that makes Telluride an amazing place to visit: the people. Though I didn't get any photos of the dozens of smiling faces we encountered every day that never failed to say hello to us (total strangers) as they passed by, it surely didn't go unnoticed. What a change of pace!

Watering Station

I've had this golden pothos hanging plant for about eight years, and it's never been happier than lately. When we moved into the new place, it marked the first time the plant had really gotten direct sunlight, so the vines have been creeping at a ridiculous pace. We've been training the main vine to frame our bookshelf, and it's actually at the end now, so now I guess I'll attempt to nail it up around the whole room! The first photo is what it looked like back in November...

Since then, we have noticed these long nubby things that look like roots growing downward about every two inches along the vine. We recently realized that these may be growing because there is only one water source for that entire HUGE plant, so we decided to make some of these little roots a watering station!

I just took a mason jar and wrapped wire under the lip a few times, while making sure to secure a 'handle' with the wire as well. Super simple! And cute. We'll see if it starts drinking water from there - if so, we're going to make a few more watering stations for it. We really spoil our houseplants, huh?


One of my favorite things about visiting California is the amazing culinary adventures I get to partake in. Napa County has some of the best dining establishments in the nation, and I'm lucky to have my sister and her husband Jorge, who is a local chef in the area, guiding me to the best of the best! Each time I visit I am consistently intrigued by how virtually every restaurant we go to utilizes local seasonal ingredients and has an emphasis on organic fresh food. If only more of the world would adopt these seemingly simple practices! One of these fantastic restaurants is Farmstead in St. Helena, which features authentic farmhouse cooking in a beautifully rustic setting. This was my first of hopefully many more visits to come! "The ingredients are sourced entirely from local purveyors. Featuring Long Meadow Ranch's all-natural grass-fed beef and organic and sustainably produced eggs, fruits, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, and honey."

I was totally in love with the antique farming equipment in and around the restaurant. Check out these tables.

My adorable parents.

The best cheesy biscuits I've ever had in my entire life. Holy crapballs!

Goofing around on the porch!

My brother-in-law Jorge with his good friend, Sheamus Feeley, executive chef at Farmstead.

For more information about Farmstead, check out their website here.

Chickens, I love Chickens!

I love chickens. Yesterday I sat in my sister's backyard in Napa, CA and played with her chickens for an hour. There are two that like to be pet and will totally jump up on your lap and try to steal your food, too. This is Red:

This is Sprinkles:

They roam around the backyard freely all day and eat worms and bugs and are kind of hilarious:

And Jennifer Lamb has some lovely lil chickies, too. For more photos of Jennifer and Herb's lovely abode, check out this post from last year:

My sister's home is kind of a magical place called "Fannyho" - I did a post about it here. Once she got the chickens, it became "Fannyho farm":

So basically, I really want chickens someday. The end!

Product Crush: skinnyskinny Body Butter

I've already done a proper write-up about skinnyskinny [here], but I just have to give you the skinny (lame! lame! lame! I'm so lame today) on their latest brilliant product. Basically, I've tried a million lotions and butters over the years, none of which struck my fancy for various reasons. Sadly, I have probably spent hundreds of dollars on crap from The Body Shop and Whole Foods, promising long-lasting ultra-moisturizing goodness that didn't deliver. But alas, be still my tree-hugging heart, skinnyskinny's antioxidant rich organic body butter has ended my search for the perfect moisturizer.

First of all, can I tell you how much I adore not slathering chemicals onto my skin? Before this discovery, I had been using something from Origins that was alright other than having over 20 ingredients, most of which I struggle to pronounce. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Origins, but skinnyskinny's body butter sticks to the basics - without additives or testing on animals.

Check out the ingredient list (six, in total): cocoa butter shea butter rosehip oil sesame seed oil hemp seed oil pomegranate seed

Naturally scented of pure cocoa butter (not the artificially perfumed cocoa butter scent you may be familiar with), this stuff is whipped smooth and since there's no water added, it's super rich and lasts FOR-EV-ERRRR! I've been putting it on after my shower every night for the past week, and when I wake up the following morning my skin is still totally silky. When you put it on it literally melts on your skin like oil, which means a little bit goes a long way but the greasy factor is minimal since it absorbs so well. A special thanks to my lovely Stephanie for introducing me to this revolutionary company. To shop and learn more about skinnyskinny click here.